Electro Mechanical Pipe cleaning


Electro Mechanical cleaning is used to clear internal primary pipework, service sinks, washing machines, basins, baths and showers as well as urinals. This is carried out with the use of hand held Electro Mechanical boring machines and involves a long cable inside a drum which is fixed to the machine. The cable has different types of cutters depending on the type of blockage. The cable is entered into an open end or an access on the blocked pipe. The drum then rotates in a clockwise direction and a separate control feeds the cable into the pipe. The cable then bores into the pipe and clears the blockage. Electro Mechanical machining is carried out on internal pipe-work where high pressure jetting cannot be used and where there may also be a risk of flooding.

Electro-Mechanical cleaning is also used for clearing blocked sub-slab drains. This work is carried out when Ultra pressure water jetting is not an option due to restricted access.

Electro mechanical machines are used for cleaning and clearing internal soil stack pipes where the soil stack is blocked and the toilets are flooding. The machine used for this is larger than its counterpart with larger cutters. Electro mechanical boring machines are used for de-scaling soil stacks where limescale or uric scale has built up within the soil stack and has reduced the bore of the pipe.

Electro mechanical cleaning is recommended in tackling the removal of hard substances such as uric scale, lime scale and concrete residue. We use it inside buildings, in soil and vent pipes and primary pipe work servicing sinks and urinals.

This kind of cleaning is ideal for grease cutting and is best carried out while running hot water through the pipe whilst the machining is in process. If possible, high pressure water jetting would be recommended to fully clean the pipe after the grease cutting.

Electro-mechanical machining is also used for the removal of capillary tree roots which have grown into drains and are causing the drain to block. Specialist root cutting blades are used for this type of work.

Asset Environmental Ltd carry out electro-mechanical cleaning on various sorts of blockages and has a full range of top quality cleaning equipment to deal with the problem. Asset Environmental Limited will unblock your drain and when it has to be unblocked internally with the electro mechanical pipe cleaner and there is any little mess left over from the water backing up Asset Environmental will clean it and leave your house the way one would want it to be left, that's our promise to you.

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