CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV Surveys in Glasgow

Save time and money - let our engineers diagnose your drainage problem quickly and easily by undertaking a cctv drain survey.

Historically, locating and repairing an underground drainage problem was slow and expensive. Drains had to be excavated, often a large area having to be unearthed before the cause of the drainage problem was discovered.

This approach is now outdated - at Asset Environmental Ltd we can avoid wasting time and money by using a miniature robotic camera to survey the inside of your pipes.

CCTV survey footage is fed back to a monitor and recorded, so our engineers can analyze the video images and determine what is causing your drainage problem.

This allows our engineer to devise a repair solution which goes straight to the cause of the problem, saving time and money.

From the cctv drain survey our engineer will compile a report, detailing what the problem is and outlining the required repair work.

Studying footage from your drain experts Asset Environmental Ltd will give you an estimate of the likely cost of repairs, allowing you a full understanding of what's going on.

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