Blocked trap

posted 15 Apr 2016, 11:50 by Greg Richardson   [ updated 19 Apr 2016, 05:06 ]

Today I was called out to a job for a blocked drain in Helensburgh, when I arrived at the job there was sewerage and toilet paper all over the driveway of the customers house, I spoke to the customer and she told me that it had started yesterday but wanted to see if it cleared by itself first before calling an expert in drainage, after talking to her for a few minutes I proceeded in taking the drain cover off and then went to my van to take out my drain rods, I plunged the drain trap with my rods and to my delight it cleared with the first plunge, I rang the bell of the customer and told her it was clear, she was over the moon, I told her I would clean the mess and she would never know the drain had been blocked. That was a quick success but as you will see in my next blog they don't always clear as simply as that one.

I went to a job in Bearsden today and discovered it was a shared drain, it was a terraced house and the drains ran all the way round the back of the houses and then to the side and out to the main road, there was a manhole cover in every second garden and I had to ask permission from the customers neighbours for access to their gardens, their was a drain cover in the driveway nearest the road in the end house and I checked that to see if it was blocked but it was not so that told me it was blocked between the customers house and the drain in the end house, I proceeded to lift the manhole cover in the neighbours house and it was full to the brim with sewarage, I then deciced it needed to be high pressure water jetted, instead of jetting from the manhole towards the drain in the driveway at the end house I decided to jet it from the drain cover back the way towards the manhole, this meant that there would be less mess as when jetting it overflows until the blockage clears, this is not always possible and overflow is sometimes impossible to stop.  I unwound the hose from the jetter which is built into the back of the van and put a nozzle onto the hose, I then put the hose into the drain and switched on the jetter, after a couple of minutes of jetting there was a rush of dirty water and sewerage coming into the drain which told me that the blockage was clearing, I then switched the machine off and went to look at the manhole in the customers neighbours garden and it was empty, success, I had cleared the drain blockage, I asked the customer to flush her toilet a few times and run her water to double check that all was clear, I cleaned up any mess that was left over and job done, another happy customer.

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